Ally O - June 2022

Ally On-The-Go With ABLE

Everybody loves a good bag or wallet right? I have two wallets and an adorable backpack, and I'm In love with them. I wear and use my ABLE all around town, I find it so handy to hold the little things I struggle to carry in my hands.

The items I have are in two different colors, Cognac and Black. Since I have two items that match I usually keep that wallet in my bag, and the black one I like to match with others to mix it up.

ABLE goods can be worn all year round…they never go out of style. I'm always wearing mine, it adds a little spice to any outfit no matter what season. If you ever can’t piece what is missing in your style, add a little more ABLE! There are two crossbodies that I would like to add to my collection. They are both currently in the shoppe, and they are Cognac.

Ally styling her backpack & Kene Square Wallet together in the shoppe!

To continue, a lot of our customers and employees here at Sophie's love ABLE! They are great gifts for anyone, it doesn't matter the age, because they go with everything. When I got my first piece I was very worried about messing it up, but little did I know ABLE looks good, worn and new! I have had mine for about a year now, and it looks better than ever.

Ally loves bringing her backpack to work at the shoppe, no matter the season!

Finally, ABLE has such beautiful pieces! Leather is such a pop in life, which everyone needs. They are so good to hold your items in style. I love ABLE so much and I wish I could take every bag home with me, but getting to look at them every day I work is almost as good! Check out our full ABLE collection at this link!

– AO

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