Tamara D. - April 2022

Favorite Gallery Wall Ideas and Inspiration

Gallery walls are a beautiful way to incorporate a mix of collected art pieces. A gallery wall can be featured in so many different rooms in your home. Here's a quick guide that we have used to hang and enjoy our gallery walls. 

First step is to start collecting your pieces. Of course you will want to incorporate your favorite art but don’t be afraid to frame meaningful letters, kids artwork, thrift finds, printed pieces, originals, etc! Here are a few of our tried and true prints that have donned the walls of many galleries. Black and white is always easy to mix in to gallery walls. 

Be sure to take advantage of different frame widths and mat sizes that help create special interest and don’t be afraid to use the ENTIRE wall. I love how these different designers have used the whole space all the way to the floor and incorporating corners.

Once you have the mix of art and a collection, it's time to start hanging! Years ago Martha Stewart featured a variation of this idea to help with creating gallery walls in her magazine. This was way before Pinterest. Yep, she was the first to introduce this idea. Basically you take a roll of oversized Kraft paper, or any oversized paper that you have. Make a template of each piece of art. Next, start hanging your mix of art on your wall. You will need blue painters tape as well. Move each template around until you have the perfect mix. (This prevents 100 holes in your wall!)

Don't you just LOVE how these gallery walls turned out...

Wouldn’t it be fun to create a local art wall? Something that was a nod to the city that you live in? Our shop, Sophie’s is in Chattanooga and we have some popular local art that many locals and visitors love. Maybe you host an Airbnb and want the guests to get a better vibe of your city? I enjoyed reading this article about gallery walls

I wish your next gallery wall project is easy and smooth…..and enjoy collecting your art…..that is the best part!