Jody O - June 2022

Jody Loves Louisa Guild Jewelry

Iam a creature of habit when it comes to jewelry! I find pieces that I love and wear them non-stop before switching to something new! I got my first Louisa Guild piece a little over four years ago from my beloved mom. She was visiting from Chicago, and every time she was in town we would come to Sophie’s where she would find me a treasure. She unexpectedly passed away a few months after her last visit, and my Leather Olive Branch Bracelet was the last gift I received from her. That was the beginning of my love for Louisa Guild Jewelry!

I am a busy mom of five. My social life is mostly filled with watching my kiddos’ sporting events or walking my pups (see pictures above)! I love Louisa’s pieces because I can wear them everyday and they compliment my casual vibe! 

There are several staple necklace pieces that I wear everyday. Right now, my favorite is the Big Bee Necklace with the open cable gold chain. I wear it every day and layer it with longer pieces to add some flair. Today I am wearing the Jody Gold Bead Necklace along with the Daisy Long Chain. I also love to layer the Gold Sundisc with the Jody Gold Bead Necklace and add the 5 Olive Branch Necklace. These are my favorites; they're all so versatile!

I also have a slight addiction to the Louisa Guild bracelets! Besides my Olive Branch Bracelet, I’m never without my Louisa St. Christopher bracelet. I am Catholic and St. Christopher is the patron saint of faith and safe travel. It was a gift from my kids for Mother’s Day, and I never take it off. The Leather Pebble Bracelet, and the Sassafras Cuff are two of my favorite layering pieces to add flair, and I always add a piece of my mom’s jewelry that I inherited from her to top off my look.

Jody is a pro at stacking bracelets!

To wrap it up, I would suggest popping in the shop and see what speaks to you. I don’t think you can ever have too much of Louisa's jewelry! I can always talk myself into one more piece! I know that one day my sweet daughter Ally will get to wear my jewelry, and hopefully it will bring back memories from our special times together at Sophie’s Shoppe. If you ever need ideas or inspiration come find me at the Shoppe!

– JO

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