Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Behind every business is a team of hardworking individuals, and if there’s anything we pride ourselves in at Sophie’s, it’s our amazing team! For our friends who haven't had the chance to meet the crew, you're in for a treat. I asked each of our team members to share a little bit about themselves so you can get to know the faces behind our shoppe!

First, let me introduce myself! My name is Gabby Duncan, and I joined the Sophie’s Team in February 2021 as a Digital Marketing Assistant. Although I haven't been here for long, my favorite part of working at Sophie’s is the community behind the shoppe. I can say with certainty these people are just as kind behind the scenes as they are on the floor. I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome than this group of patient teachers who encourage curiosity & creativity. They are intentional with their work, friendly to all, and they never fail to keep me laughing. I’m thankful & blessed to know them!


Gabby Duncan
  • Favorite gift box at the shoppe? "I'm a morning person who loves anything with the Sunrise Gift Box has all my favorites!"
  • Favorite local coffee shop? "If we're talking lattes - Be Caffeinated. If we're talking Chai - Cadence Coffee Co!"
  • Music you love? "I truly like a wide variety, but I've always been a Swiftie at heart."
  • One movie you can't live without? "Mystery movies are my jam, and Knives Out is one of my absolute favorites!"
  • If you could describe yourself as one goodie from the shoppe, what would it be and why? "I think I would be the Debre Wallet because I'm practical, simple, and easy-going...but I also have a lot of room for fun on the inside!" 


Brooke Fowler

Brooke Fowler started here at Sophie's in September 2020 and has been an essential member of our team ever since. Brooke is witty, kind, and quick to offer help to any customer or fellow team member who needs it...maybe before even you realize you need it! You can always find her humming a tune or cracking a smile to bring joy to everyone else in the shoppe!

  • Why do you enjoy working at Sophie's? "I enjoy working at Sophie's because of the incredible ladies I work with every day! Our team is composed of some of coolest, most hard working gals I've ever met and they truly make each day the best!"
  • Favorite gift to give from the shoppe? "A Mini Vase of Flowers :) Its the sweetest gift that will easily brighten anyone's day!"
  • Favorite local coffee shop? "Mean Mug or Niedlovs! I like Mean Mug's drip more, but Niedlovs' pastries have my whole heart."
  • Music you love? "Allen Stone is my favorite artist because the boy can SANG. My favorite type of music is probably R&B Soul or Alt/Indie."
  • One movie you can't live without? "She's The Man...cracks me up every. single. time."
  • If you could describe yourself as one goodie from the shoppe, what would it be and why? "I would describe myself as the Bashful Dino stuffed animal because I'm soft, fluffy + playful!"


Charlotte Reiter

Charlotte Reiter is one of our newer additions to the shoppe who started in February 2021 (the same week as me)! Charlotte puts her heart and soul into her work, making sure customers feel loved and leave happy. She is a fast learner if I've ever seen one, and she's always willing to lend a hand - no matter the task! We are so lucky to have found her!

  • Why do you enjoy working at Sophie's? "So many reasons...Our team is a group of really special people, and I love working with them everyday. The shoppe is beautifully curated, constantly changing and always smells good (love the candles!), and it's so fun to help our customers find gifts & home décor that brings them joy."
  • Favorite piece of home decor at the shoppe? "Right now I'm loving our polka dot terracotta flower pots. They're simple, but funky and make a great statement piece."
  • Favorite local coffee shop? "Goodman Coffee in St. Elmo"
  • Music you love? "Depends on the day, but I usually have a mix of hard rock and pop on rotation!"
  • One movie you can't live without? "Nacho Libre"
  • If you could describe yourself as one goodie from the shoppe, what would it be and why? "Louisa Guild (a local jewelry artist) has a little crown charm necklace that I love wearing. My name is Charlotte and I grew up in Charlotte, NC, which is known as the Queen City. The little crown reminds me of home, and that I'm named after an English queen :)"


Jody Osborne

Jody Osborne is another sweet member of our team who started at Sophie's in November 2020. Jody has never met a stranger - she makes sure that all customers are greeted with a friendly smile and offers of assistance. She radiates sunshine, is quick on her feet, and keeps our spirits high no matter the occasion! 

  • Why do you enjoy working at Sophie's? "It’s a happy place - the team I get to work with and the customers. All wrapped up in one beautiful place!"
  • Favorite kitchen essential in the shoppe? "Recycled Stemless Wine Glass!"
  • Favorite local coffee shop? "Mean Mug"
  • Music you love? "Country music! All of it! The old and the new!"
  • One movie you can't live without? "Love Actually <3"
  • If you could describe yourself as one goodie from the shoppe, what would it be and why? "I would compare myself to Blueberry Blossom Honey because I don't follow the crowd and am okay being a little different than everyone else."


Ally Osborne

Ally Osborne is the shoppe's youngest crew member who joined our team alongside her mom Jody in November 2020! Ally has been especially helpful with our Sophie's Kindness Project and greets every customer with a smile. She is an extremely hard worker who is always eager to lend a hand! And don't let her age fool you...Ally is a whiz when it comes to technology!

  • Why do you enjoy working at Sophie's? "I like working at Sophie’s because I love getting spend time with all of the workers, I like wrapping presents, and I get to spend quality time with my mom and make so many fun memories!"
  • Favorite piece of home decor at the shoppe? "I love Andrea Davis Art!"
  • Favorite local coffee shop? "Milk & Honey"
  • Music you love? "Country music"
  • One movie you can't live without? "Miracles from Heaven"
  • If you could describe yourself as one goodie from the shoppe, what would it be and why? "Any of our Journals, because I am a over thinker and like to write stuff down!"


Tana Wilson & her daughters!

Tana Wilson is a Sophie's Shoppe veteran, first joining the team in 2015. Tana is a hard worker who loves forming connections with customers in the shoppe - if you need someone to give home decor advice, Tana is your girl! Since she only works on Tuesdays, our team members have coined the term "Tana Tuesdays," and now it's everyone's favorite day of the week!

  • Why do you enjoy working at Sophie's? "I have always been a stay at home mom, so when my youngest daughter started middle school at Baylor, I decided I wanted a day for myself. I look forward to my Tuesday-where I can help someone find the perfect gift or decorate a special spot in their home. I absolutely love our customers <3"
  • Favorite plant at the shoppe? "Birds Nest Fern"
  • Favorite local coffee shop? "My kitchen - I make the best cappuccinos! But of course you can always find me at the Starbucks on Lookout Mountain!"
  • Music you love? "Frank Sinatra"
  • One movie you can't live without? "Anything with Patrick Dempsey"
  • If you could describe yourself as one goodie from the shoppe, what would it be and why? "A piece of Louisa Guild Jewelry - timeless and unique!"


Belle Wilson

Belle Wilson joined the team with her mom alongside her mom Tana in 2020! She currently works on a seasonal schedule, making time to help out when she is home on breaks from pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition Planning at Ole Miss...not to mention prepping for nursing school! Belle is extremely kind and carefully performs every task with a smile. 

  • Why do you enjoy working at Sophie's? "I enjoy working at Sophie's because I enjoy helping people find the perfect gift and love meeting new people while working with a fun and hardworking group of people!"
  • Favorite candle at the shoppe? "Our Signature Napa Candle is my all time fav but I love Sand because it reminds me of the beach!"
  • Favorite local coffee shop? "Milk and Honey!!!!!"
  • Music you love? "Fleetwood Mac"
  • One movie you can't live without? "Sex and the City"
  • If you could describe yourself as one goodie from the shoppe, what would it be and why? "I would describe myself as a necklace from Waxing Poetic. This is because I love how you can mix and match different chains with different pendants. This relates to me because I like to mix and match clothing in my own life - it gives a fun flair!"
Zeen Oehmig

Zeen Oehmig is our amazing shoppe manager (aka WonderWoman), and has spent roughly half her lifetime at the shoppe! She began at Sophie's when she was 16 years-old and has worked here on and off ever since, as she switched between life in Chattanooga and her 7 years living in Colorado. Zeen does her work with integrity and spreads joy everywhere she goes. She develops deep relationships with customers, is an expert gift wrapper, and ensures the shoppe runs like a well-oiled machine. My rule is: "Don't know? Ask Zeen!"

  • Why do you enjoy working at Sophie's? "Everyday looks different: The customers, the conversations, the product coming in and going out, the every day keeps the fun and creativity flowing."
  • Favorite local gift at the shoppe? "The Chattanooga Stemless Wine Glasses, with the map and coordinates etched on them, make for cool, useful gifts. I always recommend them for house warming gifts."
  • Favorite local coffee shop? "Milk+Honey stole my heart with their coconut latte, but Be Caffeinated has a pretty killer chai latte."
  • Music you love? "I could write any entire dissertation on this subject, but I'll keep it short and sweet. I spent many of my former years touring around with a 5-piece instrumental band called STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9). Their music just resonates with me."
  • One movie you can't live without? "Honestly, this is too hard to answer. BRB."
  • If you could describe yourself as one goodie from the shoppe, what would it be and why? "The Old Fashioned Bittermilk Cocktail Mixer: I am old school in that I still love writing letters, mailing in checks and dreaming of simpler days; not to mention, I appreciate classy cocktails too."


  •  Veronica Deck

Veronica Deck is another one of Sophie's founders and owners! She is creative and loving, and she works hard to develop close and meaningful relationships with our team and customers alike. Veronica also works as a real-estate agent in the greater Chattanooga area. Not to mention, she is also a graphic design genius who creates beautiful designs for our products, website, and more! I like to call her the "Renaissance Woman" because I've never seen anything Veronica can't do!

  • Why do you enjoy working at Sophie's? "I love the atmosphere of the shoppe and the people! I love seeing all the new finds, and there is always something new and different to work on."
  • Favorite home decor piece at the shoppe? "There are too many to name! I'm loving all the new vintage furniture. A piece I love that has hung in my house for years is the Gold Sunburst Mirror!"
  • Favorite local coffee shop? "Milk & Honey - but I'm not really a coffee gal...more iced green tea!"
  • Music you love? "I love all kinds of music! Favorite at the moment...Jason Isbell."
  • One movie you can't live without? "I'm going old school....tie between What About Bob and Uncle Buck (my kids love them too)!"



Tamara Dillard is one of Sophie's founders and owners! Tamara has vision and innovation like no other - she constantly develops new ideas and product lines for the shoppe! She is a strong leader who has a kind heart + passion for customers, team members, and everyone she meets. Tamara works hard to ensure our crew feels loved and appreciated - you'll never have a conversation with her without hearing "thank you!"

  • Why do you enjoy working at Sophie's? "I love the creativity, digging for new makers and products, and the crew...We have a VERY special crew here at the shoppe."
  • Favorite____ at the shoppe? I don't have one favorite but I love my  Mom's batik art line, one-of-a kind vintage furniture, and the Sophie's candle line. (NAPA is my favorite!)
  • Favorite local coffee shop? Milk+Honey (Have you seen the new renovated space? Its amazing!) 
  • Music you love? I love a mix of music....oldies, classic rock, and 80's+90's. 
  • One movie you can't live without? There are MANY. I would say one that sticks out is Something's Gotta Give because I could not keep my eyes off the house and interiors in this movie. Gorgeous! I also love sports movies so The Blindside + Remember the Titans are great ones! Inspiring!

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