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Sophie's Premium Oil & Vinegar Gift Set

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    Meet our Premium Oil & Vinegar Gift Set, handmade with specialty olives and grapes sourced from Italy. Includes Garlic Olive Oil, Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, Champagne Balsamic Vinegar, and Fig Balsamic Vinegar. This set if the perfect gourmet sampling gift for your favorite chef - use it to cook delicious meals, or pour it over your favorite salads and pasta dishes!

    Flavor Profiles

    Garlic Olive Oil: Bold flavor, infused with a rich garlic taste

    Meyer Lemon Olive Oil: Bright and fresh, infused with fruity notes of Meyer Lemon 

    Champagne Balsamic Vinegar: Clean and crisp, featuring notes of champagne

    Fig Balsamic Vinegar: Dense and sweet, featuring notes of fruity figs

    • Set includes four 60 mL (2 oz.) bottles