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Amber Diffuser: Andrea Davis x Patina Co.

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    This Amber diffuser is part of a collaboration between local artist Andrea Davis and Patina Co. Combining their passion for beauty, design and scents, they’ve created an amazing line of candles, diffusers, lotions & hand soaps using the highest quality ingredients.

    Amber is a complex fragrance that is rich, musky, woodsy and warm. Packaged in a minimalist black gift box, this reed diffuser is 6 oz and lasts approximately 6 months.

    • Amber Diffuser: Andrea Davis x Patina Co. 
    • 6oz, scent lasts approx. 6 months 
    • Includes 36 reed sticks
    • The number of reeds required to scent your space will depend on the size of the space and how strong you prefer the fragrance to be. Use 4-6 reeds for small spaces, and up to 12 reeds for a large space. We recommend changing the reeds once a month.