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    Sophie's Shoppe Blog

    Living In Color

    Living In Color

    Let's talk about COLOR. It's unavoidable; color is in every crease of this colossal world. Rarely does something hold so much power, but color can literally change your mood, make food appear more appetizing and homes more inviting. Groups come together over color, from sports teams to slightly more rowdy gangs. Children ask Santa for the jumbo Crayola box, women ogle over the array of nail polishes at salons and men drool over the bright and shiny finishes of sports cars. Colors makes us feel things and color helps us express ourselves.

    As an artist, color is the coolest thing. And I don't just mean the greens and blues of the color wheel...

    For me, the creative process begins and ends with color, and the best's all at my fingertips! I have always loved working with my hands, crafting and whatnot, but it is especially magical to have a clean canvas and a world of color to mix and play with. Each color can be so inspiring if you let it.

    I absolutely love this quote box at the shoppe right now ($342). Something about it makes me feel so whimsical and important, which is a feeling we all should know every now and then!  Even the creamy brown color palate makes me feel good. It is clean and full of potential and reminds me of home. 

    Speaking of home -- my studio proudly BURSTS with color, and I am lucky enough to have plenty of windows so the natural light can illuminate all the good stuff going on within those four walls! For me, inspiration comes from everywhere, and usually when I am least expecting it, but my studio space definitely sparks the most within me. All those colorful paints, posters, plants, and pictures just buzz with energy and get me excited to work on new projects. With all these components going on though, it is super important to stay organized, especially if I'm trying to be productive in said space. I love the chaos of my inspiration wall, which is really just a collage of images that move me or pique my interest, but my paints have a stricter setup...

    I'm a sucker for containers, so obviously my tin container (which conveniently has enough compartments to store each slice of the color wheel) is my most-used piece in the studio. (Tin container w/ compartments $78). Being able to see all the colors while having them organized and separated is a huge perk to the creative process, let me tell ya! 

    Art ( and life ) are supposed to be fun! Ultimately it is about what works best for you.  If you're a cheetah print person, go for it!!! Mix and match those prints as they fit and if you prefer to chill out with the cool colors, that's totally cool too. 

    It's about YOU.


    Getting your House Ready for Guests

    Getting your House Ready for Guests

    Although I am not hosting for the holidays this year, I love to find quick ways to spruce up spaces! We currently live in a tiny condo (we are building a house), so prepping for guests will not happen this year. I mean....I have no dining room or coffee table!
    EVERYTHING is in storage!
    That is another story, for another day! 
    Ways to spruce up spaces could be as simple as changing out your pillows on your couch, changing a dining room light, or switching up a mirror.
    Take advantage of the CYBER MONDAY sales too and you could walk away with a fantastic look and a fantastic deal! Our lighting+pillows+mirrors are 40% off right now! Wowza! Check out our great sale!!
    Mirrors are easy to change out and can make all the difference. Guests will be using your powder room like crazy so that may be a fun place to change up your mirror!
    Some mirrors that we think have a very similar look to these inspirations pics.....
    Check out some of these fun pillow combinations.....
    A touch of texture and color is always a nice way to change up the look in your living room or bedroom.
    Changing out your lighting can make all the difference! 
    Lighting we are currently swooning over....
    That was just the tip of the iceberg on prepping for holiday guests.....Now you need to get out all the fun holiday decor and get your tree up!
    Have fun decorating!!

    Fall Favorites

    Fall Favorites

    So technically autumn does not start until September 22----but I can't help but get the ball rolling and set out some touches of Fall. Some people consider the start of Fall when the "coffee bars" release Pumpkin Spice Lattes (PSL) and fun cinnamon spiced concoctions.

     We consider Fall the day after Labor Day. (For the record my favorite fall drink is: The Great Pumpkin Latte from Milk & Honey)
    Our fun Fall goods have started to roll in at Sophie's and we are so excited for the change of season. Here are some favorites......
    Spiked Cider by Rewined. Definetly a favorite candle at Sophie's this fall scent is filled with apples, cinnamon and clove...ahhh. A classic fall scent that we always swoon over. Rewined has created a candle line crafted in recycled wine bottles + mimicking the flavors of wine. 
    So far this little fella has been a hit at the shop. More are on order-----!! How fun and whimsical. Get on the list to get one when they come in!!! We're all OBSESSED. 
    A forever favorite at the shop and easy to decorate as the season changes. Our five votive holder can easily transition with the change of the season...think filling it pumpkins, acorns, or candy corn!  
    I had a first glimpse of pumpkins and mums out at one of my favorite produce stops. I can't wait to set up my porch at home---or at least dream of setting up my porch. We are still building our here are some of my favorite porches that I will have to wait til' next year to pull off.
    Our fall candles should be delivered any day......
    Back in stock soon-----Harvest Gold and Orange Rind+Spice. Mmmmmm! The best!
    Happy ALMOST Fall Ya'll.....
    A little inspiration from Sophie's. Our fun Sophie's blog features everything from handpicked products that we love, places that we want to travel, unique gift ideas, food we want to cook, fun stuff that we want to do with the littes, easy ways to freshen our homes, favorite h'dors and cocktail concoctions, inspiring designers and makers, holiday decorating, and way way more. There is just too much that we want to chat about on the Sophie's blog. Our blog is everything that we want our shop to be! Fun and inspiring decor for your home that is handpicked to make your space shine. Everyone on our team gives a little to the blog to make it really fun and inspiring. 
    The Sophie's blog is about everything we are loving. We hope that you enjoy reading!! Come back to check out our latest chit-chat!