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    Our exclusive batik art line for Sophie’s was created by local Chattanooga artist Andrea Linares Davis. Andrea has created a unique printed art collection of colorful and textured batiks. The process of making a batik is long and detailed. It all starts with a piece of blank muslin cloth. The art is drawn on the muslin with pencil. Next, the entire cloth is dyed and waxed. After several rounds of dyeing and waxing, a batik is created. Our exclusive printed batik art collection is signed, numbered and framed locally. The batik art is very detailed, colorful, and distinct. Andrea is originally from Northern California, and has been creating art  for over 50 years. Andrea now resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee with her husband, and dog Scooter. She was raised by the namesake of this shoppe, Sophie. This line means everything to us. We hope you enjoy it.