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Driftwood Lover Gift Box

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    Experience the warmth and coziness of our Driftwood Gift Box! This beautifully curated set includes a charming driftwood-scented candle, elegant black matches, and a stylish tea towel. Perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to any home, or for gifting to someone who appreciates natural and earthy elements. Embrace the comforting aroma and aesthetic of driftwood with this unique gift box.

    The Driftwood Gift Box includes:

    • 8oz Driftwood Candle
    • 4oz Driftwood Gold Tin
    • Terrain Black Matches
    • Chattanooga Branch Tea Towel

    Why we love it:

    No more scrambling for that perfect gift - we've got you covered! Each curated gift box is carefully put together in a kraft box, and includes a hand-written note, decided by you. We'll do all the work but you'll get all the credit - it's a win win! They are going to love it!

    *Let us know what you'd like your note to say at checkout! Available for Local Delivery, Pick-Up or Flat Rate Shipping. 

    **If you would like to curate a box, please just give us a ring and we can build a custom box for you! 423-756-8711