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Drink Up & Glow Book

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    Restore your body, mind, and spirit with these delicious, easy-to-make recipes for non-alcoholic drinks featuring some of nature’s most powerful, stress-busting, health-supporting plants: adaptogens.

    It’s no secret that modern life is not great for our health. Stress and sickness are on the rise and traditional Western medicine, with its overreliance on pills, drugs, and chemically derived substances, doesn’t always help. Still less does alcohol and other supposed “coping” mechanisms. It’s no wonder people are turning to adaptogens instead: herbs, roots, fungi, and other plants that have been used for centuries in traditional and ancestral medicine to help people adapt to stress and increase wellness. While it’s common to consume these potent plants as supplements, a better way—more sustainable and enjoyable way—is to incorporate them into your daily, monthly, and yearly diet. In Drink Up & Glow, master beverage creator Gaby Mylnarczyk will show you how to do just that and reap the astonishing benefits of these powerful plants.

    • Hardcover