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The Cozy Home Gift Box

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    Discover The Cozy Home Gift Box and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space. Featuring two Napa candles, abode matches, the "Call It Home" book, and a Napa diffuser, this gift box offers all the tools to transform any house into a home.

    The Cozy Home Gift Box Includes:

    • Call It Home Book
    • Napa Signature Diffuser
    • Napa Tin Candle
    • 8oz Napa Candle
    • White Abode Matches

    Why we love it:

    No more scrambling for that perfect gift - we've got you covered! Each curated gift box is carefully put together in a kraft box, and includes a hand-written note, decided by you. We'll do all the work but you'll get all the credit - it's a win win! They are going to love it!

    *Let us know what you'd like your note to say at checkout! Available for Local Delivery, Pick-Up or Flat Rate Shipping. 

    **If you would like to curate a box, please just give us a ring and we can build a custom box for you! 423-756-8711